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The NOT Lost Ark

John 20:19-23      This is a difficult world that often blinds us to what we really are. God’s address is a lot closer than you think.

Apocalypse When?

Acts 1:6-14     Before Jesus ascended into heaven, his disciples were still confused about what the Kingdom of God was all about. Are we still making the same mistake?

Renovations Required

John 14:15-21      Through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit, God lives within each of us. Don’t be surprised when He engages in a little remodeling.

Martyr’s love, Mom’s love

Acts 7:55-60        The first martyr of the Church, Stephen, gave his life for Christ in dramatic fashion. Have we not known others who have given of their lives selflessly for us, out of love?

THE Good Shepherd

John 10:1-10     Do you think God might not hear you when you call? Maybe we all need to learn a bit about shepherds, especially the Good one.

Armistice Day

John 20:19-31     Is it possible that we’re fighting a war that’s already over?  The Cross of Christ put an end to our battle with God that started in Genesis 3. Sometimes the first step in finding peace is realizing that peace already exists.